An quasi-annual tradition

A snapshot from a recent solo trip to a beach village in Kent. I have not mentioned this below, but cross-country trips make me feel more alive. I am lucky to have taken one.

Reflections on a data visualisation faux-pas

A previous visualisation with a red “x” and “misleading” in capital letters on top of the image.

Reflections on recent events + visualisations of issues in global health measurement to ring in the final months of my degree

The image that every returning UCL student must share.

I. The personal stuff

Visualising the IUCN Red List’s 81,000+ animal species — a work in progress

Two full-colour illustrations of a giant panda and a millipede side by side

To whom have 500 award-winning authors dedicated their finest works?

Visualising interviews of people with diverse diagnoses to commemorate the beginning of the Paralympic Games

Applying quantitative research methods to determine whether the pandemic made classical concert-goers cough less

One cartoon person coughing while another gives them a berating look and taps them on the arm.

I’ve become the annoying person who must tell the world that they’ve donated blood

Inspired by a 150-year-old work of dataviz, I illustrated three Selma — Montgomery marches to memorialise a giant in the American civil rights movement

Yaning Wu

she/her. Population Health student @ UCL. Perpetual dataviz nerd. Published on Towards Data Science and UX Collective.

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